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Da Ming · Xu Hou Zhuan by Mu Lan Zhou Private

منذ 3 أشهر Multimedia Salah Bey   109 الآراء

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موقعك: Salah Bey
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Mao Xiang and Hu Chongqi, the commander of the guards of the Jingjiang Mansion, both looked at Zhu Shouqian. Zhu Shouqian made the final decision and said, "My cousin and I will go ahead and move my box to my cousin's boat. My boat will be left to the prince." Of course,  they offended Mao Xiang, they would inevitably make Emperor Hongwu dissatisfied and suspicious, and then it would be more troublesome. So Xu Miaoyi told each other frankly, and opened Miss Luan's painting, to Mao Xiang named her question, want to solve this problem,deep draw stamping, open the museum autopsy is the simplest and most direct way. After hearing the cause and effect, Mao Xiang couldn't help sighing with emotion and said, "Miss Xu, if you were a man, I would definitely introduce you to our Qinbing Duwei Mansion. With a talented person like you, Duwei Mansion would be like adding wings to a tiger. Any evil party or any spy of the Northern yuan Dynasty would all die in your hands." Well, the Northern yuan spy is OK. Forget it. They are all our own people. I can't do it. Xu Miaoyi said, "I'm flattered by Mao Qianhu. It's a very secret thing. I'm afraid only my cousin and I will notice that it's unusual. At present,CNC machining parts, it's just a guess, and there's no evidence. If our guess can be confirmed after the autopsy, I'd like to ask Mao Qianhu to tell the emperor the whole story and re-investigate the Xie family's rebellion case." If you can't hide it, come clean. Hong Wudi must have hated his grandfather, but he was not willing to let the real murderer get away with it? The person who can get rid of Luan Zhifu and his grandfather together, I'm afraid, is not a good stubble, and may even be a high official in the court! Emperor Hongwu should also want to know the truth. Mao Xiang followed Emperor Hongwu for many years and knew what was at stake. He nodded cautiously and looked at Xu Miaoyi with a worried look on his face. "Miss Xu, you and I are close friends now.". Some words I said directly, when the Xie family rebellion case, I was just a nobody in Duwei mansion, but also know that the emperor is angry about this matter, second only to the later Jingjiang Wang Zhu Shouqian father's rebellion case. And now.. If you bring up the past again, you and the King of Jingjiang will suffer if you are maliciously framed by a conscientious person. Standing on the deck of the official ship and looking at the flowing river, Xu Miaoyi said, "No matter how much I can't bear to look back on the past, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, I have to withstand the pressure and look back. I don't remember the past of my childhood. If I can find out the grievances of the Xie family, I will be worthy of the wealth that the Xu family has given me.". As for the consequences.. I have thought it over for a long time, and I will go to the market to be a doctor at the worst. Cousin he also felt that this matter is full of doubts, if not clear, he can not feel at ease when the county  of Punishment, Yushitai, or our Qinbing Duwei Mansion will take over. Mao Xiang is a real person, well-informed, directly to the sage, very well understand the character and style of Emperor Hongwu, what will happen to this matter, he also analyzed clearly one by one. Xu Miaoyi was very glad that Mao Xiang had followed her all the way, and if it had been someone else, she would have been too lazy to give her so many warnings and reminders. Traveling all the way, day and night, two days later, I finally arrived at Jinhua City in the middle of the night. Jinhua and Shaoxing were next to each other. After digging out the coffin and examining the body, I was able to get to Shaoxing that night. From the truth seems to be getting closer and closer, Zhu Shouqian and Xu Miaoyi tired at the same time, but also unusually excited. Get off the ship and lodge in the post station, and wait for the gate to open tomorrow. < a href = "http://www.mianhuatang.cc" target = "_ blank" > Marshmallow WWW. Mianhuatang. CC You can't dig a grave if you want to. Digging a grave is a felony. In particular, Luan Feng, an old prefect who was kind to Jinhua, was guarded by a tomb keeper all the year round to prevent evil people from disturbing the purity of the dead. Mao Xiang had to say hello to the magistrate of Jinhua first, explaining his identity and purpose, and the magistrate agreed before he could dig the grave and open the coffin. In the middle of the night, Mao Xiang and Xu Miaoyi, who had just got off the boat, were discussing countermeasures while eating midnight snacks. Zhu Shouqian was a little eager and said, "With the honor of the king of my county and the token of Mao Qianhu Qinbing Duwei Mansion, how dare a mere magistrate not agree?" Mao Xiang looked like an old man and said with a smile, "a strong dragon can't fight a local snake. When we go out to work, we have to put on airs so as not to be looked down upon. But we should not give the local officials less face. Otherwise, when we meet a difficult local snake, we will inevitably capsize in the sewer." Xu Miaoyi nodded, "Mao Qianhu said very much, cousin, the more critical the moment,Magnetic Drain Plug, the more we can not be taken lightly, do not let the section destroy our previous efforts." Mao Xiang gave the bartender a small silver ladle as a reward and asked him where Luan Zhifu's bones were buried. When the bartender got the reward money, he talked like pouring beans in a bamboo tube. autoparts-dx.com