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Doctor Song Private

منذ 3 أشهر Multimedia Salah Bey   111 الآراء

-- دج

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موقعك: Salah Bey
السعر: -- دج

Dong Kuaikuai and others were silly for a moment, unexpectedly, the old woman actually wasted food for her son and killed a child of three or four years old! A man behind Du Wenhao said in a deep voice: "Waste!" It's really wrong, but it's not a crime to die. What's more, it's only a mother of three or four years old. It's also because of the waste of food that you gave her a gold nugget and let her die of money, right? The old woman looked at the man and said, "Are you Du Wenhao, the doctor of Fuyun Hall?" The man was Du Wenhao. "Do you know me?" He asked. "Of course, the gold nugget under the old man killed so many people, only three survived, the son of Dong, the mother of Zhan Ti, a doctor in the Ministry of Rites, and Feng Da, the son of Feng.". They survived. You saved them. Your medical skill is not bad! The man who swallows gold can be saved. I'm afraid you're the only one in the world! "How do you know I saved it?" "If you don't want others to know, don't do it except yourself!" The old woman pointed to Lin Qingdai and said, "Although the old man's martial arts are not as good as this girl's, his flying skills are still good.". After the old man got the gold nugget, he would always look at the result. So, when you rescued Dong's son, the old man had already seen it all. Also, the old man is also very clear about the spy you set up near Dong's house! You can fool others, but you can't fool me! Surprised, Dong looked at Du Hao and said,turmeric extract powder, "Doctor Wen, you.." Are you the doctor who saved my son's life? Du Wenhao laughed. "Don't listen to her. She's talking nonsense." Am I talking nonsense? Ha-ha, you know best! Du Wen quickly changed the subject: "Why did you kill Zhan Ti's mother?"? She has no quarrel with you! "There are a lot of people who have no enmity with the old man, just like Zhan's mother, the pious old woman!"! How much food and drink are wasted in this old and immortal birthday banquet? Countless tables of chicken, duck, fish and meat are thrown away in vain. People who don't know how to cherish food deserve to die! What's more, rich people should cherish money even more! Du Wenhao added, "Even if you hate the rich, it's Feng Da, the son of the Feng family. The mother and son make a living by scavenging. Not to mention wasting it, they even want to cut a grain of rice to eat. What do they have that you, turmeric extract powder ,saw palmetto extract, Dong Laojin, should murder?" Him? Hum! More damnable! Now that life has become so bitter, even two bowls full of dumplings will be thrown away! Don't you deserve to die? Du Wenhao was stupefied for a moment: "Pour out two bowls of dumplings?"? It's impossible! "What's impossible? I saw it with my own eyes!"! By the way, there's something I don't  was surprised. "What can you do if you see it?" "The eye of a needle is small, but it's enough for me to find you!" "Is it?" Du Wenhao certainly knows that under the skin of the root of the ear, there are many nerve branches overlapping, such as the greater auricular nerve and the lesser occipital nerve. Therefore, the root of the ear is an extremely sensitive part, pinching the root of the ear will produce severe pain, pinching hard can make people faint. "Yes," said Du Wenhao, "this small eye of a needle shows that most of the people who do it are good at acupuncture. Moreover, being able to sneak into Feng Da's house without being noticed shows that the murderer is good at martial arts!"! Sure enough, yes! So I sent someone to squat and wait in your Yunxiang Sewing Shop, and I followed you here today. As soon as I saw the resentment in your eyes when you saw the people who wasted the big tables and banquets, I knew you were  something to eat!"! I watched my son starve to death in my arms, and then I vowed to kill everyone who wasted food! Chapter 154 of the main text is the master of his own destiny. Wen Hao felt a shiver. "Did you kill a lot of people after that?" The old woman laughed. "That's right!"! I killed a lot of people. At first, I killed and robbed. After I saved enough money,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, I opened a shroud shop and secretly continued to kill people who did not take food seriously. Up to now, I can't remember how many people I killed. But one thing I can tell you is that these people swallowed hundreds of gold nuggets in their stomachs. But I won't tell you who these people are. Let the gold be buried in the bottom forever! Captor Dong was more concerned about whether Du Wenhao was the miraculous doctor who had saved his son. He said to the old woman, "Do you really see that my son was treated by this doctor from Fuyuntang?" 。 prius-biotech.com