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Earning Money, Examining and Supporting the Family in the Imperial Examination of the Agricultural Gate-Rabbit Moon Pass Private

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The bastard in the family is unkind and unjust. In the past, when people were eating and drinking spicy food outside, their family squatted in the house to eat bran and pharynx vegetables; When people eat and drink enough to go shopping, their family works as cattle and horses; People are laughing and idling outside,stainless steel welded pipe, and their family is staring at the wall at home. Now, because the other family is going to go in and be slaves for others. The more Aunt Zhao thought about the tragic situation at home, the more angry she became. That's right, this kind of heartless knows to harm the son of the family and don't want it! If you can't count on your son, you already have a grandson at home! Why on earth are they so silly? They can't bear to part with such unkind and unjust relatives. Think about it. Aunt Zhao finished her work at noon and immediately went to ask the shopkeeper for a half-day leave. Then she went home angrily and discussed with her man about selling her son. Zhao Laohan listened to his wife's words, and immediately felt that it was really reasonable. In the past, they just thought that it was their own son,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and they had no way to do it. They were all crooked and the parents had to spread it out, but now they can't. The whole family is going to get into it because of that bastard. What is the son doing? Still sleeping comfortably at home! Sell, we must sell this borer! What about the son? The life of the whole family is heavier than that of one person. Besides, who knows what trouble will be caused if the son who does not live up to expectations is kept? Without a son, he still has a grandson. That bastard will go away. Together, the couple turned the corner and finally made up their minds to be ruthless for the sake of the family. By the way, he also shared this'good idea 'with several other families who lived in the same alley and were also worried about the past, and with a feeling of venting his anger, he also added some oil and vinegar. Sell it, sell them, we will collect some more, the debt will be solved, we will have an easy life without those disasters, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, they do not care about our lives, why do we still love this kind of beast. If we don't do this, we'll have to pay the debt. As a result, several parents/wives who were still worried and distressed suddenly woke up. Yeah, the bastards in the family are heartless. Why should they be so loyal? They don't have sons/husbands. They have grandchildren/sons. Why should they throw the whole family into it for such a bastard? Sell! Sell it now! That's right. It's better for one of them to be a servant than for all of us to go. This person is really ruthless, in fact, it is a matter of a moment, as long as you figure it out, it is not a problem.   Pity a group of spendthrifts who have not yet figured out the situation so tied up to the yacha hall, regardless of the frightened eyes of the people, Lin Ze directly let the yacha registration, to the forehead printed on a representative of the slave pattern. A normal slave's face is usually stamped with a big'slave 'character, but if a good-looking slave is seen by the master, the mark will be changed into a delicate pattern without avoiding the disfigurement of the stamp, but as long as there is a stamp on the face, it is the lowest slave who can't run away. Lin Ze chose patterns for these people, of course, not to see who, a group of crooked melon cracked jujube things he did not have such a heavy taste, he just felt that the ancient medical conditions were poor, in case of hot stamping inflammation leading to illness, he had to pay for treatment, waste! "Print the word'Lin 'on it for me." After printing the pattern, Lin Ze felt almost something, and finally added a surname to show that this was his family. "Oh, oh!" A group of spendthrifts who were ironed with slave marks for no reason and became slaves could not accept the reality. They had no problem with their brains. Who did not know what becoming slaves represented? For those who are used to enjoying happiness, it is impossible to accept it immediately. But it was useless for them to struggle hard. They didn't do anything to keep fit on weekdays. They had no strength at all. It was even more impossible to curse people. Their mouths were stuffed with sackcloth from their parents/daughters-in-law. A group of people can only stare at Lin Ze resentfully, decided that the darker the night when the wind is high,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, they must beat the guy on the head of this group of'grandpa 'to death, and then run away, when the mountain refugees are determined not to be slaves. sxthsteel.com