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Educated Youth of Kitchen Goddess in the 1970s Private

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 If it were someone else, he might have already apologized at this time. But Wang Wanxia is not an ordinary person. She recognized Sun Boyang, rolled her eyes,ceramic bobbin heater core, and roughly guessed who these people were and what they were doing. After guessing the identity, not to mention apologizing, she crossed her waist and raised her eyes, raised her head and faced the four men with her nostrils: "What are you doing?"! Noon like a ghost standing in front of the shop, but also let people do business! Roll, roll. Men are here to apologize,ceramic bobbin heater, where dare to make any complaints, more dare not provoke Wang Wanxia. Can only silently bow their heads and endure, looking very aggrieved. At this time, Su Huaixia, who heard the change, came out of the kitchen and saw the four men who had been splashed into a drowned rat. He was stunned at first, and then looked at the basin in Wang Wanxia's hand. After understanding what was going on, Su Huaixia asked Wang Wanxia half helplessly and half laughingly: "Aunt Xia.." You didn't splash them, did you? Wang Wanxia sneered, "I didn't mean it, but these four smelly men deserve it!" Inexplicably scolded by Wang Wanxia, the four men were a little angry in their hearts. But thinking that if I don't take Su Huaixia back this time, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Kamado bbq grill, I have to endure Su Huaiman's dark cooking, I feel my back tingling for a while. When they saw Su Huaixia coming out, they suddenly, as if they had rehearsed, bent ninety degrees in unison, and raised the cakes in their hands, which had not been drenched by dirty water, over their heads in unison: "Xiaoxia, we are wrong, please come back with us!" Four big men bowed their heads to a girl at the same time to admit their mistakes, which at that time was a rare spectacle in a hundred years. All the people passing by stopped and looked at it curiously. All kinds of speculation, in the minds of passers-by quickly played a small theater. But no matter what version it is, in this age of male chauvinism, the four young men are docile and obedient. The smiling little girl in front of us is really awesome! Su Huaixia knew that their educated youth ordered these four boys, except Jiang Jianguo, whose family conditions were slightly worse, the other three were all children from highly educated families. They are arrogant and seldom bow down to others. Today to make such a great sacrifice, but also poured a basin of dirty water, it seems that Su Huaiman's meals these days are really torturing them a lot. She no longer embarrassed the boys. Smiling eyes curved to take the cakes on their heads, which was to forgive them. Wait for me for a while, and I will go to pack some things now. Let's take off our wet coats and wring them out first, or we'll catch a cold. Su Huaixia said, hurrying to his room to pack his luggage. Wang Wanxia went to the state-owned hotel to borrow a tractor according to the usual practice last time. So you don't have to stop one stop at a time like a bus. It can save a lot of time. Su Huaixia was also afraid that the boys would wear wet clothes for too long and catch cold, so he sped up the packing. Before leaving, Su Huaixia did not forget to say something to Wang Wanxia. Aunt Xia, if you want to sell the recipe of green plum preserves, you must remember that you can't sell more every day. It is necessary to limit the price so as to keep the price from falling. ” Wang Wanxia did not quite understand: "Why?"? If the sales volume is good, shouldn't we prepare more? Su Huaixia shook his head and quickly and concisely introduced the principle to Wang Wanxia. Candied fruit is not a necessity of life and is not eaten every day. I can sell it so expensive. One is that I am the only one who sells it in the whole county. The second is because I limit. The more we want to get what we can't get, the more we will cut our heads and buy things. Only then will we feel that such a high price is not expensive. If your supply fully meets everyone's needs, people will not feel strange, and they will feel painful when they buy it. You won't be able to sell it. "So that's it!" Wang Wanxia was touched by Su Huaixia and suddenly realized. Weird! How many ideas are hidden in this little girl's seemingly small brain! I don't want to let her go! Wang Wanxia is more and more like this little girl who has more ideas and good temper! Su Huaixia and Wang Wanxia took their leave and went back in a tractor with several educated youth boys. Back to the educated youth spot, the boy pulled out his voice and shouted Su Huaiman. But they searched all over the educated youth spot, but they couldn't find Su Huaiman. Damn, she must have known that Xiaoxia was coming back today, so she hid out! Sun Boyang said angrily. Didn't you agree to apologize to Xiaoxia? Why didn't he keep his word again? "I'll go out and look for it." Zhao Qing turned to go out with a calm face, and it was obvious that he was also very unhappy with what Su Huaiman had done. Don't go. It's not that important to apologize. Su Huaixia quickly stopped the man, "you'd better change your clothes first,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, don't catch cold." Su Huaixia knew that the melon twisted by force was not sweet, and the apology forced by force was not intentional. If Su Huaiman really felt that he had done something wrong, he would take the initiative to say sorry to her. She will accept such a sincere apology. global-ceramics.com