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Great Qin Empire 3 (1) Private

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Only Zhao is special, not only has the central plains warring States foreign invasion, also has the central plains countries have eliminated or greatly reduced the Hu trouble, really can be said to be foreign invasion cascade! Specifically, in the north of Zhao, there were Sanhu (Donghu, Linhu and Loufan), Zhongshan and Qiangqin in the west, the old enemy Yan in the northeast, the aggressive and powerful Qi in the east, and Wei and Han in the south, which had been burning together for more than a hundred years. Of all the foreign invasions, the invasion of Hu in the north posed the greatest threat to Zhao, which, in the chess language of the world, was "where Hu was anxious". The reason for this is that after the state of Qin became powerful, all the "Buchen" tribes of Rong Di in the west and the nomadic Xiongnu in the north and Shangjun, as well as Lin Hu Lou Fan, were driven out of the country. These tribes of Rong Di Xiongnu Hu people gathered in Yinshan grassland and its northeastern desert, occupying a vast area including Jiuyuan and Yunzhong, and directly pressing on the head of Yanmen Fortress of Zhao. At the same time, after losing the foundation of Liaodong, the Donghu tribe also migrated to the northwest grassland desert, pressing on the land due north of Zhao. However, what is more urgent is the two old enemies of the Hu clan in the State of Zhao, Lin Hu and Lou Fan. Linhu, also known as Danlin, is a powerful tribe nomadic in the northern mountain grassland of Yanmenguan for a long time. Loufan was a powerful tribe who had been nomadic for a long time in the mountains south of Shangjun and Yanmen of the State of Qin. They lost the foundation of Shangjun of the State of Qin, so they moved northward to Yanmen,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the land of Zhao, and together with Linhu, they constituted a great threat to the state of Zhao. The reason why it is a big trouble in the elbow and armpit is that Lin Hu Lou has one thing in common, that is, he is good at riding and shooting like a hurricane. He often captures the castle unexpectedly and plunders the wealth, population, cattle, sheep and horses, but it is extremely difficult to catch them. Even if he tries his best to bite them, he can't give them a heavy blow, let alone gather and annihilate them. Zhao Guoqi has always been stationed in the north hundreds of troops, and always can't put the hundreds of troops into the central plains, the fundamental reason is that the powerful Hu always can't be slightly reduced. The great reason why the people of the State of Zhao were exhausted was the frequent lightning plunder of the Sanhu tribe. As far as the general situation is concerned, the border trouble of Zhao at this time is actually the border trouble of the whole China. In other words, the nomadic tribes in the northwest, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,brushless gear motor, which had threatened the whole of China since the Spring and Autumn Period, gathered on the head of Zhao at this time. If there is foreign aggression alone, it is enough to unite the government and the public to fight back with all their strength. It happened that the state of Zhao after the Marquis Su of Zhao was divided by clans, but it was particules to deal with it: to be flexible and peaceful, to show weakness in the Central Plains, and to get rid of the trouble of Hu. To do so, if the overall situation is stable, and then try to show ambition. Whether it is feasible or not is up to you. Although the plan is the same as before, there is a faint indifference of an outsider. Zhao Yong's eyes were shining brightly. "The general is the sword of the country. Can he check and balance the court for Zhao Yong?" "But in his position, he must seek his government." Feiyi looked awestruck. Zhao Yong burst out laughing and said, "The weapon of a country should be hung high above the temple." At a court meeting the next day, Zhao Yong immediately issued an edict to his royal Highness, saying, First, General Fei Yi was appointed to the rank of minister, and was promoted to the rank of general of Zuo Si Guo, who was concurrently the head of Zhuguo. He was appointed to the position of general of Zuo Si Guo, who was also the head of Zhuguo. The two ministers of Right Si Guo were appointed by Fei Yi. Second, Zhou Shao, a minister of Zhongfu,24v Gear Motor, was appointed as Prince Fu to assist Prince Zhao Zhang in the study of; Fourth, all the old ministers over the age of eighty in the court received the title of "Guolao", who were comforted by the government every month and could advise and supervise the state affairs at any time. ichgearmotor.com