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He plunders like the wind Author: Liu Xi Ran Private

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Pei ran stopped in place at that time, looking at the two people who were talking with an expressionless face, the cold wind whistled past, his heart seemed to be cut open by the wind, and his whole body was as cold as falling into the ice prison. Do you really know each other? You read originally just casually, did not expect Pei ran did not speak. Seeing that his face was  Aren't you hungry? Pei ran a change just now gloomy, the face quickly restored bright. At this time, he was very glad that you Nian went out today and wrapped her tightly. He put the hat back on her head. Pei ran cut her hair and helped her put the mask back on. Not far away,carnosic acid price, on the endless pedestrian street, a girl in red at the entrance of a shop was buying ice-sugar gourds, and when she looked up, she just saw her take off her mask to eat. Not that bad. Pei ran suddenly felt that Su sugar was pleasing to the eye a lot, he knew that this wench had always been silly, but it was the first time that he thought she was so silly and likable. Come on, I'll take you to dinner. Pei ran took You Nian and walked in the opposite direction of Su Tang. You Nian kept up with him: "So, do you know that girl just now?" "You said her name was like Xiao Ci's little green plum,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, so is she the same person as the sugar in your mouth?" Crisis lifted, you read the problem submerged in the cold wind, Pei ran took her hand occasionally answered a few words, soon the topic was diverted by him, did not take this matter to heart, you read, naturally do not know how much opportunity he missed. . Pei ran has something to do in the afternoon, after lunch, you read with Pei ran back to the company. Before going back, You Nian wanted to go to Sweetheart's shop again to return the money to the girl in red. When Pei Ran heard this, he held You Nian's hand tightly and said in a very gentle tone, "It's so cold today that she shouldn't open the door. Let's go again next time when we have time." He didn't give you a chance to refuse at all. He was half forced to abduct people back to the company. Pei Ran, have you seen my cell phone? During the meal, after Pei Ran's examination, fenugreek saponins ,tannic acid astringent, he knew that his mobile phone was suddenly cut off because of arrears. Not to mention the network can not go, at that time she was even unable to dial the phone, you can not help but thank the girl in red, if she did not help her pay the money first, she estimated that she would be pitifully waiting for Pei ran to take her back. Strolling around all morning, after returning to the company, you Nian took a nap in Pei Ran's lounge. When she woke up, she forgot where she had put her cell phone and couldn't find it. She could only trouble Pei Ran. Didn't you just take it to the lounge? Pei ran handed the signed document to the secretary and waved him out first. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number of You Nian. You Nian's mobile phone was set to vibrate, so the voice was weak. Hum, hum- Following the faint vibration, You Nian and Pei ran walked to the lounge at the same time. You Nian just woke up and was a little lazy. Pei ran worked very quickly. He walked to the bedside in a few steps and took out his cell phone in the gap at the head of the bed. I remember I put my cell phone on the bed before I went to bed, and it fell into the gap! You Nian breathed a sigh of relief and was about to go over and get her cell phone back when she found Pei ran looking at her cell phone screen and suddenly stopped moving. I have found my mobile phone. Hang up the phone quickly. Listening to the buzzing vibration, you read and walked to Pei Ran's side. She yawned to get her cell phone, but Pei ran turned his wrist and suddenly dodged her touch. He looked at him doubtfully and grabbed him again. Pei ran raised his arm and staggered her touch again. "Pei Ran, will you stop it?" You Nian felt that Pei Ran was so childish that he had been avoiding her touch, and you Nian's little temper came up with him. Like hide-and-seek, two people hide and grab, and finally you Nian rushed to Pei Ran's side and hugged his arm, when she pressed his arm to  much at that time." You Nian clutched his cell phone and followed Pei Ran closely. Pei ran unbuttoned a few buttons at the neckline with one hand. Seeing that she suddenly stopped talking, he raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, "No?" "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" You Nian saw Pei ran's dissatisfaction, she racked her brains to think about how to continue to explain, but saw Pei ran step suddenly to the window. After drawing the thick curtains,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, the room was immediately dark after the sunlight was blocked. You Nian's heart missed a beat. She stepped back and said in a panic, "Pei Ran, I was wrong!" 。