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Low price Paper Overlaid Board Professional

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Linyi Hannuo Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and belongs to Linyi Gaoshan Group. It mainly exports natural veneer plywood, natural veneer MDF, melamine veneer, commercial plywood, packaging board, laminate plywood/MDF, OSB, LVL, aluminum profile, aluminum bar and aluminum ingot,ect. The annual export volume is US$70,000,000, and the export volume is 120,000 cubic meters. Each month, 200 containers are exported all over the world. Plywood exports rank first in the country.
Paper overlaid board and Polyester board are both furniture boards, but they are called differently because of different production procedures and craftsmanship. Paper overlaid board, a decorative board with ornate paper on the board, because the ornate paper itself has wax on the paper, so it is not necessary to paste it. It is coated with a layer of unsaturated resin and used directly for furniture, so it is called Paper overlaid board. The grade of thePaper overlaid board is lower than that of the Polyester board, so it is generally used in the interior of the furniture, and the parts are not easy to see. Polyester board is a decorative board with a layer of unsaturated resin after pasting a layer of ordinary wood grain paper on the board surface. Widely used in the furniture industry. At present, the main equipment used in domestic production of Polyester is sticker machine and coating machine. The sticker machine is to stick a layer of wood grain paper on the board surface, so it can also be used for the production of Paper overlaid boards. The coating machine is a device that coats the unsaturated resin on the surface of the paper pasted.
Thickness2mm - 25mm
Corepoplar, hardwood , combi core
Gluewaterproof glue
EmissionE2, E1, E0
Colorsolid color,
woodgrain color,
marble color,
synchronize texture color
high glossy colors, etc
Application1. cabinets - shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet
2. table or desk tops
3. flooring
4. other furnitures
Advantage1. easy for furniture processing, such as cutting, painting, etc.
2. no worring of knots, peeling, sanding, primering and painting
3. surface easy to clean
4. mutil colors, beautiful
5. low emssion , eco-friendly
This board has the advantages of realistic wood grain, bright color, wear resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, chemical pollution resistance, etc. Therefore, it is widely used.
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